Funding Neuro funds research focused on solving the common problems which hinder progress towards cures and effective treatments for all conditions which affect the brain and spinal column.

Since our inception we have been focusing on reliable methods of delivering drugs and therapeutic devices through the blood brain barrier to where they will do most good.

Together with our sister organisation, Wobbly Williams, we stage spectacular and very different events to raise the money required to advance the research that we believe will make the difference.

The Funding Neuro TryAthletes also raise money for Funding Neuro through running, cycling, walking, climbing and swimming…TRYing to be an athlete, or simply trying to achieve a personal goal in whichever way it suits them.

Bryn Williams set up Funding Neuro as the registered charity to which people can donate after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease aged 36. To read Bryn’s story and the history of the charity, which started with Wobbly Williams, please click here.

The Research We Fund
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