People who live with neurological disorders have to challenge themselves every day to complete sometimes the simplest of tasks.

So…What is your challenge? What are you scared of? What have you always wanted to do? Where do you want to go?
Once you have answered any or all of these questions, why not give Maisie a call to find out how to do it for Funding Neuro?
Whether it is a 10,000ft sky dive, diving with sharks, abseiling, bungee jumping, or even organising your own fundraising event, you name it we can help you achieve it…if you are up for helping us!
Either call 0141 585 6470 or drop Maisie a line at to find out more about all you can do.


If you are interested in becoming a TryAthlete and taking on walking, running, cycling, climbing, rowing (or similar) challenges, please contact Alan Kennedy or Maisie Hamilton here

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